One company. Two brands. Working together

Vandewiele Sweden AB is a merger between Aros Electronics AB and IRO AB. Vandewiele NV, Belgium has owned the companies of Aros Electronics AB and IRO AB with their respective assets since 2000.

The two companies have worked closely together since the late 1970s and since 2012 they have been a joint organization.

To further strengthen the Swedish operations, we have decided to merge the common resources under the new name Vandewiele Sweden AB from January 1, 2021.

Aros Electronics AB, brand ”Aros Electronics”, the company and the VAT numbers remains unchanged for all existing and new customers.

The IRO brand and its operations remain unchanged within Vandewiele Sweden AB with unchanged VAT and bank account numbers. Vandewiele Sweden AB will use IRO AB:s former organisation number 556512-9417 from November, 2020.

The new company has approximately 250 employees and sales of SEK 750 million.

Vandewiele Sweden AB Milestones


Merger between Aros Electronics AB and IRO AB